Let authentic influencers carry your brand.

Real time. Trusted voices. Scalable. Data driven.


Trusted voices.

#HASHOFF provides data-driven, real-time social influencer marketing. Trusted, authentic voices promote organically and in context.

Real People. Real Time.

Since the advent of social media, brand marketers have sought to enlist the support of the most valuable consumers, the influencers. We do that in real time.

Discovery is Everything.

We find influencers that have never been found. We allow conversations with brands that are real and lead to maximum results.


Our travel clients want authentic, trusted voices to share their remarkable experiences.

Nothing is more powerful than an expert sharing a positive travel moment.


Our sports and fitness clients want to reach passionate fans for awareness and sales.

We activate personalized messaging to millions of fans daily.


Our feature film and television network clients want authentic, trusted voices to share their  viewing experiences.  As films are released or television shows air, our influencers share custom content with millions of fans.

Our technology allows our clients to instantaneously engage with the freshest influencers.